• Experience

I’ve started facilitating meetings while I as a student ( at Medical Dentistry University in Bucharest, Romania), and since 2003 I am a certified trainer specialized in project management and non-formal education.

In 2007 I discovered the eLearning field, computer based training and furthermore blended learning. These learning methods are the most suitable ways to transmit knowledge in a structured manner, all along with informal learning, and may contribute essentially to our life long learning experience.

I worked for 5 years on conceiving, creating, developing and evaluations eLearning and blended learning programs, in the world’s 2nd largest video games company. I ‘ ve recently joined the Health Science Enablement department of the world biggest database company.

The continuous developing of the blended learning field as well as the personal development learning concept, made me decide to start offering personalized eLearning, blended learning services to learning organizations and individuals.

My services in the field target companies that seek to create a personalized and innovative development environment to their employees.


  • Personal life

I love volunteering as you may see here.

I am a passionate offline and online reader and I dedicate 1 hour daily for reading.

My family represents the most important element of the life, and I cherish every moment spent with Stefan, Sara and Stefan jr. I am learning each day how to be a better person, while playing with my kids, while reading stories or riding the bicycle. I appreciate the fantastic wisdom of children.

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