I first experienced non-formal education in highschool. I liked discovering mountain trails with the scout troop, to be involved in social projects and to learn  working in teams. I loved the international events atmosphere, then climbing a glacier in the Alps, or up sailing on 100m waterfall.

After a while, I’ve started working on international project, in big teams, with different personalities. I learned soon enough that these gained competencies in non-formal environment are called team work, project management, communication, conflict resolution, training, orienteering.

  • Scouting I am member of National Organization of Romanian Scouts (Organizatia Nationala “Cercetasii Romaniei”) since 1997. Scouting as movement was born in 1907, and it’s nowadays membership counts 38 millions in 216 countries and territories. Scouting uses a non-formal education method that helps young people to take an active role in the society. Scouting is driven by the vision of creating a better world, and the Scout Method has different element as: Learning by doing, team work, symbolic framework dedicated to each age range, nature, adult support. In the “Romanian Scouts” I was responsible for different tasks along the years, from cub scout troop leader ( 7-10 years old children), Youth Programme National Coordinator, member of the European Scout Region Youth Programme group, upon my current responsibility – president of the “Romanian Scouts” ( 2010 – 2015).  My volunteer roles within the Scout Movement were presented in the media on different occasions. You may see them in the Media page once it’s ready.
  •  Rotary Club Bucharest Cismigiu  Together with some friends we created a new Rotary club in Bucharest. It was charted in late 2014. The activities of the club may be found on our official Facebook page here.
  •  Youth Council Between 2007 – 2010 I was president of Romania Youth Council (Consiliul Tineretului din Romania), the main federation of youth organizations in my country, member of European Youth Forum. The main scope of our team was aimed to relaunch the Youth Council as the main dialogue platform between youth organizations and youth governmental institutions. This activity was reflected by media in several ways. You may find the articles in the media section once it’s ready.

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